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Quality Guarantee

Certificazione IFS

Issued by CSQA and subject to
an annual surveillance visit


The IFS Standard (International Food Standard) aims to encourage the selection of food suppliers under the GDO brand, for their ability to provide safe products, compliant with contractual specifications and legal requirements.

This is a model recognized both in Europe and in the rest of the world.

It is one of the food safety standard, recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), an international initiative whose main purpose is to strengthen and promote food safety throughout the supply chain.

The standard identifies the specific elements of a management system focused on the quality and hygienic-sanitary safety of products, which takes the HACCP methodology as a reference point for planning and improving.

The EQM mark is awarded to products that comply with the national standards of the United Arab Emirates.

The Emirates Standardization Metrology Authority (Esma), inspects and audits the manufacturing companies, through a series of tests, carrying out a complete assessment of the quality systems used by manufacturers, as well as strict controls on finished products.

Indeed, the EQM mark certifies that the products have been obtained through a high-level management of quality systems, which must comply, in the most rigorous way, with the regulations relating to health and food safety, as well as to the environment.

Without this certification, which is valid for three years and mandatory for mineral waters, it is not possible to export to the United Arab Emirates.

Certificazione EQM - Emirate Quality Mark.



Emirate Quality Mark.

Certificazione Kosher

RELEASED BY Beth Din of the
Federation of Synagogues London
subject to annual surveillance visit


Kosher (in Hebrew כָּשֵׁר, means suitable, and in this case "suitable for consumption”). These products can be consumed by exponents of Jewish communities, according to the dietary rules of their religion.

In order for a product to be Kosher certified, it must meet very strict quality standards. All the procedures from production to packaging, as well as every single ingredient used in its preparation, must comply with the restrictive laws of Kasheruth.

Compliance with these strict rules is periodically checked by experts at the production site.

The extreme rigidity of these rules constitute a protection for the consumer regardless of his religion and, over time, have made the Kosher certification a quality brand recognized all over the world. Indeed, in some countries such as America, the major consumers of Kosher products are not Jews, but consumers seeking guarantee of quality, authenticity and purity in this brand.