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Our Story


Giovanni Damilano found his company in Luserna San Giovanni, a small village of the Val Pellice, located in the province of Turin.


Thanks to its growing activity, the company is able to bottle up to 7 mountain springs. They are all located in the Piedmontese Alps at the foot of Mount Frioland.


1990 Marks the birth of Valmora brand, leader in Piedmont and Liguria. A light and microbiologically pure water, bottled from the spring, located in the montane park of Rorà.


The facility covers an area of 25 thousand square meters and is equipped with five production lines which, that over the years, have been renovated, introducing high performance machines, robotics and remote controls: one line is dedicated to glass bottling with a production output of 20 thousand bottles/hour and 4 lines for PET. The plant produces half-liter, one liter and one liter and half PET bottles starting from both virgin and R-PET raw materials. The logistics warehouse has recently moved about 20 kilometers away, to a new state-of-the-art building, based on the principles of 4.0 industry. A shuttle system ensures the back and forth connection between the production lines and the warehouse.

Code of Conduct

Our philosophy is a sustainable business development, in economic-social-environmental terms.